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Dear friends,
Welcome to my Blog!

Please feel free to post your questions regarding my experiment.

But, first please note a few general points:

0) For a brief description of the experiment please visit
1) I can update my responses mostly during the weekends, so your patience is appreciated.
2) If you are writing a paper on my experiment, you can use as a permanent reference for my pedagogical paper that contains the experimental details as well as most of the theoretical arguments.
3) Please read the above preprint, before posting a question. You may find your answer there.
4) This Blog is intended to address well-thought/researched questions related to my experiment. This is not an educational site! If you are not an expert in quantum mechanics (at least through QED) and physical/experimental optics, please ask an expert to take a look at your argument first, and if it is found to be technically rigorous, then by all means submit your question/comment.
5) Scientific objectivity is the direct opposite of irrational emotional ranting. In the interest of scientific methodology, I reserve the right to remove any inappropriate posting.
6) From time to time, I may edit the posts to make sure they are addressed to the correct individual and are at least readable (with all due respect to our non-English speaking friends).
7) The contents of this page are ***COPYRIGHT*** material, and quotations without reference to this source will be vigorously pursued by legal action.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Shahriar S. Afshar

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